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Dragon Fewmets

Every month we run a column in the California Revels e-newsletter that tries to shed a little light on some figure, ritual, custom, dance or other shenanigan that figures somehow into the great spirit of celebration. The topics range from cosmic calendars to crepes, from mummers to the mysteries of the Abbots Bromley. Here's a collection of those columns. Enjoy them and be prepared to astound your friends with your new-found depth of Revels knowledge. And let us know if you'd like to receive our monthly newsletter.

Revels on Midsummer’s Eve
The Wheel of the World
A Pocketful of Change
A Sense of Place
The Birds and the Bees
Setting the Limits
A Sense of Momentum
A Period of Adjustment
A Matter of Scale
In the Merry Morning of May
Toting Ivy
A Collective Effort
Of Cabbages and Kings
Who Was He Anyway?
Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain
Apis Virumque Cano…
What's So Funny?
Good for What Ails Ya
Moving On
Memories Awakened
The Harvest King
Dance, then, wherever you may be...
In Defense of Foolishness
A Question of Perspective
Stitching a Thin Veil
A Touch of Silver
What Is Folk?
A Matter of Perspective
Wer ist Sankt Nikolaus?
Revels and the Culture of Food
It’s About Time
Keepers of the Flame
A Revels Bestiary - July/August 2009
The Solstice Stands Revealed - June, 2009
The Sun Singer…..or somebody - May 2009
"I Bring You A Bunch of May" - April 2009
As We Go Märchen On - March 2009
Food For Thought - February 2009
Dancing In The Streets - January 2009
“Dance, then, wherever you may be…” - December 2008
Antler Dancing - November 2008
The Pumpkin’s Roots - October 2008
“Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross” - September 2008
From Time To Time - July/August 2008
The Face Of Nature - June 2008
“As long as anyone here can remember...” - May 2008
April Fools' Forecast - March 2008
Mumming In Marshfield - February 2008