creating community through celebration

The Revels Chorus

The chorus is made up of true “amateurs”–people who do what they do simply for the love of it. They are quite literally the core of the Revels village, and the welcoming friendship, connection and warmth they share together radiates out to the audience and the community. They are people of all ages and walks of life, spanning 6-years-old to over 60-years-old. Children, students, and professionals come together to create the music, dance and celebration that is the spirit of Revels.

Adult Chorus


Requirements for participation in the Revels adult chorus include the ability to learn and accurately sing music, possession of stage presence, and most importantly, the willingness to invest time, energy and emotional commitment to the success of a group venture. Instrumental, dancing and acting ability are valued but not necessary.

The rehearsal schedule is demanding - six weeks of Mondays in the Fall, followed by every night and weekend day in the weeks leading up to performance. An understanding spouse/family is a major asset.

While the demands of performing in the California Revels adult chorus are considerable, the rewards in terms of shared experience of achievement and the joy of community are what bring Revellers back year after year.

Young Performers


Over the years, the inclusion of young adolescent performers has become standard in the California Revels. Not only do these youngsters fill out the “Revels village”, but they also make important contributions with their energy and performing skills. Their June audition does not focus exclusively on singing, nor at this stage of their vocal development are they expected to learn the entire adult repertoire for the show. Young Performers do not have to attend the weekly music rehearsals in the Fall, but once staging rehearsals begin, they are assigned specialty roles, often including dance, puppetry, and some of the most interesting costumes in the show.

Children's Chorus


Consisting of children ages six to twelve, the children's chorus is cast in the early summer and attends music rehearsals adjacent to the adult chorus rehearsals for approximately six weeks in the fall. Once we “load in” to the Scottish Rite Theatre the schedule intensifies, although the children are released by eight o'clock during evening rehearsals prior to the last week leading up to performances.

Maintaining school work and setting aside sports and other activities can be a challenge for children in the chorus, but the artistic and social development of children in the Revels chorus is extremely rewarding. It is not uncommon that several members of the adult chorus can point to the children's chorus as their first experience of Revels.